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    Chocolate Molds : Horse shapes

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    NEW Product : Korean Mochi Bread Mix

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    Push Pop Containers

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    Store Closed for Holidays


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Our Chef Our Chef

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  • Chef Gina Choong Specialises in Chinese,Singaporean,Baking,Asian Cuisine,Baking Without Chemicals,Fondant...

    Chef Gina Choong
  • Chef Tang Meng Choo Specialises in 2D/3D Cakes,Cookies Decoration with Sugar paste,Royal Icing and...

    Chef Tang Meng Choo
  • Chef Benny Se Teo Specialises in Chinese,Western,Singaporean,Indonesian

    Chef Benny Se Teo
  • Chef Amy Lee Specialises in Baking,Fondant modelling,Royal Icing and Buttercream,Vegan B...

    Chef Amy Lee
  • Miss. Cathy Ng Specialises in Baking

    Miss. Cathy Ng
  • Miss. Ariel Chan Specialises in Fondant modelling,2D/3D Cakes,Cookies Decoration with Sugar ...

    Miss. Ariel Chan
  • Chef Nicholas Ang Specialises in Baking,Fondant modelling,2D/3D Cakes,Cookies Decoration with...

    Chef Nicholas Ang